World Port Center, R’dam


This 124 meter high tower was designed by Sir Norman Foster and completed in 2000. It belongs to the highest buildings in Rotterdam. The building consists of three parts. The square east tower has 22 floors and the semicircular tower on the west side has 34. Between these, there is the core that forms a connection between the two towers.
The first two levels have a transparent glass facade which is bounded at the top by a wide canopy. At the top of the semicircular tower is a glass front with conference rooms behind it.

After analysis, NeroQom Consultancy was asked by a technical consultancy company and the property manager to diagnose the aesthetic status of the building in the exploitation phase. In response to the findings a renovation plan was created. The building is located on the Kop van Zuid, in the port area of the city. Partly caused by this location degradation arised on the facade. The salt in the air as environmental factor played a major role. In 2011 tests were placed and the aforementioned environmental factors had little to no effect on the refurbished test plates. Based on these and other results, NeroQom Consultancy has written advice, including proper product usage and technique.

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