Westpoint, Tilburg


Westpoint is 142 meters high and has 44 residential floors and thus is one of the tallest residential towers in the Netherlands. The building is designed by Van Aken Architects (2004). They have pursued an abstract architectural appearance, with a transparent facade wall toward and into the city.

An art application in the form of color on the exterior framing makes the building appear like a huge painting. The other facades are dark concrete and perforated with a pattern of square windows.

The VvE Westpoint asked NeroQom Consultancy to carry out an analysis on the facade and to prescribe a diagnosis for recovery. After determining the cause – cleaning with aggressive products and with the wrong method – test pieces were placed on the facade. Results of these test pieces showed that the facade can be recovered. The report was used in the claim of the VvE against the contractor in the construction phase who’d commissioned aggressive cleaning performance while this went against the advice of the facade suppliers and the facade construction companies.

Analysis, diagnosis, renovation, tests

Photo: copyright Marcel Claassen