Europapark, Groningen

This station was developed in partnership between the city of Groningen and ProRail and opened in late 2012. Commissioned by ProRail, Movares commissioned a design for the station.

The new station has titanium plating. The hood is characterized by large spans and invisible coupling structures. The two titanium wings are only resting on the lift and a portal allowing them to achieve a very large free span. The caps include cameras, lighting and fully integrated lines. In the middle cold bent glass allows daylight in.

NeroQom Consultancy was asked to diagnose regarding the color difference of the titanium plating. The reason for the degradation had different causes that have emerged during the construction phase.
After analysis NeroQom Consultancy placed test samples on location. The results were processed in an opinion in which both job description and products are described. Neroqom provided training so ongoing maintenace projects can be carried out on location.

Diagnosis, tests, products, training

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