Quintet Office Park, A’dam


The office towers at the Rietlandpark are designed by Hans van Heeswijk architects. It’s a series of free-standing, self-contained buildings which together form a complex. Since 2013 the buildings have been used as tv studios.

The upper floors on the north side had to be set back to allow sunlight into the houses opposite. The south side was allowed an overhang as compensation.The facades of the three buildings are covered with metal sheets containing aluminium frames.

NeroQom Consultancy was asked by the facade construction company to analyse the facade due to a claim on the guarantee of the facade on the end of the prescriped period. With expertise in the field of facade materials, chemistry, executive cleaning maintenance in combination with preservatives NeroQom Consultancy was able to produce a conclusive report. Part of the investigation was the setting of several test pieces to perform baseline measurements. From this reference point it was then possible to evaluate the final result after execution of tests.

Based on facts that Neroqom presented in the maintenance report the disagreement was refuted.

Analysis, diagnosis, tests

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