HQ Shell, The Hague


The head office of Shell is a collection of several buildings scattered on the Carel van Bylandtlaan in The Hague. The buildings designs & construction span a large time scale so architectural styles differ from early 20th century to modern day. The functionality of the buildings is also diverse ranging from hotel to office to multi-storey parking.

Every building has a different facade with characteristics and materials which have been used since 1917. Masonry, aluminium (coated and anodized), stainless steel (polished and brushed) and glass. The similarity between the facades is that they all have survived the test of time.

NeroQom Consultancy was asked by the real estate manager to give advice for renovation and a large ongoing maintenance programme to ensure the preservation of the facade materials.
NeroQom Consultancy first analyzed the influence of damage from outdated cleaning techniques on the different facades in combination with the current cleaning program. The diagnosis showed that the degradation of the facade elements was caused by deferred maintenance. Because of this facade elements became damaged.
NeroQom Consultancy also placed samples to define what is necessary to recover the aesthetic value. The results have been incorporated into a plan for the long-term maintenance of several buildings.

Analysis, diagnosis, samples, renovation, long-term maintenance

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