Kempkensberg, Groningen


The 92 meter high building is designed by UNStudio architects and is characterized by flowing lines. The futuristic building represents a new landmark for the city Groningen. The offices of the tax service and DUO are located here.

The facade design is striking incorporating an aluminium composite cladding. Chosen is an ingenious and integral facade concept. On the outside of the building awning horizontal ‘fins’ are integrated to control wind, daylight and construction.

NeroQom Consultancy wrote a detailed report regarding the maintenance and cleaning of the facade to reduce its continuing degradation. After analysing the facade a diagnosis was concluded. The cause of the degradation can be traced back to the construction phase. There is consequential damage on glass surfaces, black coated frames and protruding facade siding. At the same time the design and weathering have had their effects on the material. With rainwater choosing the path of least resistance, this is also the case on this building with organic forms. Thus mineral deposit concentration traces had begun to amass.
NeroQom Consultancy has given advice how this can be cleaned within the guarantee of the facade builder. The advice also includes which products and techniques will have to be used to maintain the facade correctly.

Analysis, diagnosis, long-term maintenance, PPS

Copyright: UNStudio