The daily questions we get asked by experts in the construction industry have been put in a row and categorized. If your question or problem is not listed, please contact us. A specific question requires a specific answer.


“We are preparing a renovation project. The client wishes to combine the new building with the adjacent old building. Can the original color match with the new façade elements?”

“Can an estimate be prepared for renovation accordance specimens?”

“I want to design a facade that is easy to maintain, so easy-to-clean? Do I need nano?

“Can you judge the specifications for procurement from your expertise?”

“I need a long-term maintenance plan. What would the (aesthetic) maintenance cost in the exploitation phase of the facade be?


We notice architects have a focus on design, construction and engineering. They often have no idea what the consequences are of the chosen design, profiling, material, sides and location on the degradation of a facade.

NeroQom Consultancy does offer this insight. The composition of an easily maintained façade, or an insight regarding the aesthetic degradation and financial concequences.


Frequently asked questions by contractors:
“I doubt the usefulness of applying temporary protection in connection with the often high costs. But I also have no idea how the damage can be prevented at all. Do you know?”

“When is the best time to plan a wash or cleansing in the construction phase to meet/measure up the VMRG advice & regulations?”

“We have so much damaged because of the bad weather and leaking water, we have no idea which damage can be repaired and what the opportunities are for renovation before completion.”

“Concrete has come on the facade during construction. Do I need to replace these parts, or is there another solution? Can we still transfer warranty? Can you solve this problem?”

Common problems and solutions

Unfortunately contractors on completion do not know who is responsible for building damage and are left with high costs. We also see that there’s no awareness what dirt load does to certain materials. Only a few people know what the options are for cleaning and protection in the construction phase. Nevertheless, delivery delays and failure are the number one concerns of each contractor.

NeroQom Consultancy can inform you regarding the interim wash frequencies and temporary protection in the construction phase. We help you to reduce the risk of a false start, where a new building already begins the exploitation phase with repairs.


Frequently asked questions by facade construction companies:

“We have received an estimate but doubt that estimate. Can the estimate, written by the architect, actually being realized with respect to the water and damage repellent specifications and color retention?”

“The architect asks for a long-term maintenance plan. He wants to know the costs of the aesthetic maintenance of the facade in the operational phase. Can you draw this up for us?”

“Help! We are accountable for our warranty, but we do not know whether it is properly maintained and that maybe this is the reason for the problems. Can you help us?”

Common problems and solutions

We often see that facade construction companies have no idea how others in the construction chain should be properly informed regarding project-oriented maintenance. Many give the client limited or general information, just as the VMRG provides it.

We notice that many façade construction companies walk away after delivery. They do not realize that they can prescribe service and maintenance during the exploitation phase of a project.

NeroQom Consultancy can provide the required aesthetic service of the technical set facade construction company to its customer and client. NeroQom Consultancy can assist with claims, warranty issues and maintenance questions.


Frequently asked questions by owners and managers:

“The window washer said last year that it was necessary to wax the aluminum frames. Now, it looks terrible. He does not know how to fix it, and his tests have made it worse. What should I do?”

“Some parts of my building are difficult to reach. Do you know how I can still maintain the facade?”

“My facade is almost 30 years old and does not look good at all anymore. What should I do?“

“My building is on the coast in a port area. What is the best way to maintain the facade?”

“I have received several bids with a huge price difference. What are the differences?”

“I want to treat my facade with nano. Am I doing the right thing? Should I do that?”

“I want to draw up a specification for procurement. Can you compose this and say which companies I can ask for registration?”

Common problems and solutions

We see that property managers do not have distinctive knowledge in the various tenders received from facade cleaners. They often do not come out with the determination of the long-term budget for maintenance. The budget for cleaning and conservation are often limited, and therefore the cheapest will simply be chosen. They generally only consider washing and have no idea what the effects are of incorrect product use and wrong techniques.

NeroQom Consultancy provides knowledge and intelligence to remove aesthetic degradation. Determining the best recovery method and develop rules for sustainable maintenance specialists.

Public-private partnerships (PPP)

NeroQom NeroQom Consultancy is familiar with PPP projects when it comes to long-term cooperation between government and businesses. The most common form of contract is Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate (DBFMO).
All professionals in the construction sector have to deal with this. The architect must draw a facade where the maintenance costs in exploitation should be paid by the tenants and property managers. The contractor and the facade construction company have an obligation to maintain the facade for a longer time.

NeroQom Consultancy thinks circular and can give every professional advice about the condition and care of the facade in the field of aesthetic degradation. Want to know more? Contact.