B’Tower, Rotterdam


In the city centre of Rotterdam stands the B-Tower (2012), designed by Wiel Arets. The building has a total height of 70 meters and consists of three distinct volumes; a lower level plinth with retail & commercial function and the upper volumes comprising studios & apartments.

In the facade a variety of modern materials are used such as anodised aluminium, glass and rubber. All apartements have an outside area by use of floating balconies that extend out of the facade and are enclosed with a glass parapet.

Commissioned by the VvE Metea, NeroQom Consultancy executed an aesthetic analyse on the facade, fulfilled a diagnosis concerning the state of the different materials and rated the exploitation report of the facade. The materials were being damaged in the construction phase. NeroQom Consultancy made an indication of the factual maintenance costs with the effect of the construction damage. Also the consequential damage and the additional repair procedures including the associated performances & extra maintenance costs.

Analysis, diagnosis, renovation, multiple-year-maintenance-plan.

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